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Beard Vape Co No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco 60ml Vape Juice

Beard Vape Co No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco 60ml Vape Juice
Beard Vape Co No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco 60ml Vape Juice
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Beard Vape Co No. 00 Cappuccino Tobacco 60ml 

No.00 Cappuccino Tobacco : Blended Arabian tobacco and smooth cappuccino coffee straight from the espresso machine. Full-bodied and luxurious taste. Aromatic scent of high-quality tobacco leaves and steamed espresso. Incredibly balanced flavor with a mouth feel and throat hit beyond expectation. Satisfaction, thy name is 00. 

Flavor Profile: Arabian Tobacco and Smooth Cappuccino 
VG/PG: 80/20
Nicotine Level: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG
Bottle Size: 60ML


Check It See More Details st vapor giant m5 rta 5ml 23mm Description:
ST Stutt-Art Bogati RTA arranges the single/dual coil deck on the 5ml tank and guides thuwikc by several steel ropes, effective to ensure a refreshing taste. The top airflow system includes 2 large slots acting on switching the strength of the taste and the small side one responsible for dissipating the heat while vaping.

Main Features:
1. 5ml tank with a top filling design, manageable and leakproof
2. Dual airflow systems, available for an optimal taste
3. Single or dual coil deck with dual posts, simplify the assembly and disassembly

, Check It See More Details

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